5 Step System 

Transforming your health can be very overwhelming!  The HEALTH SHERO 8 Step System helps to simplify your journey using a strategic plan of action that will propel you forward and address your physical, mental, emotional & spiritual needs.


5 Step System

Becoming Your Own HEALTH SHERO

When it comes to our own health, unfortunately no one is coming to save us. The average time we see our family doctor is 12 minutes, what are we solving in 12 minutes? The doctor doesn't have time to get to the root cause, just enough time to try and quiet the unwanted symptom. Our health care system is using an acute approach when dealing with chronic issues. So, if you break your arm, or need an emergency C-section they have your back. BUT if you are experiencing a journey with cancer, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, anything chronic it is not enough. A radical disease requires radical changes to your diet and lifestyle. This is the time to rise up, educate and empower yourself. It is time to invest in yourself and take massive action. It is time to be your own HEALTH SHERO.

1. Self Care

When we start to treat ourselves with love and compassion, we start to view the world differently. We start to view ourselves as a part of a collective human experiences instead of an isolated journey. Creating more time for self-care leads to more love, deeper self-awareness, better relationships, more compassion, more forgiveness, increased productivity, better immune system, and deeper healing. Let’s move your self-care routine to the top of your “to-do list.”

2. Healing Diet

A radical disease or unwanted symptoms requires a radical change to your diet. Disease and illness can only grow in an acidic environment. So, it is crucial to consume a more alkaline based diet. A plant-based diet is very alkalizing, cleansing and healing. Eating a plant-based diet is like brushing all the toxins, oxidative stress and inflammation out of our bodies. Drinking green smoothies is like flossing your insides. And drinking cold-pressed vegetable juice is like going to the dentist! Your mind, body & soul will LOVE you for it! ​



Your body is constantly working to eliminate toxins and unwanted matter from a variety of your systems. Over time, the body gets run down from unhealthy food choices, stress, alcohol, caffeine, drugs, environmental toxins that are all part of our modern way of living. When your vital organs are placed under too much pressure and not able to work efficiently, this is when illness and disease can appear. Creating the time to cleanse the body and your home and nurture these vital organs will have a huge impact on your overall health. Detoxing can also have immediate effects on your health which can include, increased energy, clearer skin, better digestion, increase mental clarity, better sleep, and so much more. Assisting your body’s detoxification systems doesn’t have to be drastic, it can be done daily as a gentle cleanse which will leave you feeling better physically and mentally.

3. Healing Environment 

In today’s world of mass production our food is harvested way too early and contains less nutrients. No matter how healthy we eat, we still need to add supplements to our daily diet in order to bridge the gap between what we eat and the nutrients it needs. There are also supplements & herbs that can help boost your immune system, to help ease your symptoms during conventional treatment or to help detox and support your healing journey.

4. Spiritual Awareness

The higher your spiritual awareness, the higher your level of consciousness. As we raise our level of consciousness, we can turn fear into faith. We can pull back from our personal challenges, gain perspective, see the lessons, the patterns, move into forgiveness, and go deeper into our healing. Instead of shrinking in our challenges, spiritual awareness allows us to expand in our current situation and move forward with more ease.


Intuition is your inner knowing. It’s our connection to our subconscious mind. It’s how the subconscious mind communicates to our conscious mind. This is why it’s such an amazing source of creativity, wisdom and understanding. It transcends the realms of experience or reasoning.  As we age, we’re taught consciously or unconsciously to stop listening to “gut.” Maybe from our parents or the people who raised us, teachers, medical professionals etc…We tend to suppress our intuition in order to please others. By tuning into our gut it can enhance our creativity, increase self-awareness, allows us to make better decisions, improves our mental wellbeing, our emotional and physically health.

5. Inner Child

I believe within us we have an inner child, an inner parent and a​ spiritual being. The spiritual being can see the lessons, see the bigger picture, the connectedness and has a higher level of consciousness. The inner parent knows what’s right and wrong, what we should and should not do, etc.. The inner child is the part of us that wants to be heard, nurtured, comforted, forgiven, etc.. The inner child usually loses their voice during our childhood or through trauma. It’s important to understand our inner child’s needs and how to fulfil them in a healthy way. When we can do that, we are able to go deeper into our healing.


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