I am a Holistic Health Coach who specializing in Burnout, a mum of two kiddies, Certified Health & Nutrition Consultant, Mental Health Professional, Certified Raw Food Chef, Cancer Thriver, Published Author and the Founder of HEALTH SHERO.

Over 10 years ago I used to work in the Mental Health Field, and I used to be go- go-go then I would burnout personally & professionally. I continued to ignore all the signs my body was giving me, until I was eventually diagnosed with cancer at the age of 32.

After my journey with cancer I dove into the personal development world and then I was "zennnnned" out. Then I had kids and I was like OH MY GOODNESS how to do you bring calm energy into the craziness of motherhood.

BUT thankfully I was able to realign using the Health SHEro 5-step system. Don't get me wrong my life or kids aren't perfect. It's not about being perfect. BUT it is about aligning and FEELing good so you can create your dream life.

Mommy burnout is real and it's important to get the help we need and deserve! We were not meant to suffer through our days, we were mean to FEEL good!

Let me show you how to use the Health SHEro 5 steps proven system so you can feel happier, healthier without years of therapy!
You got this Mama!

Charlotte xo

My goal is to empower you & help you take control of your health so you can come into your power as your own HEALTH SHERO.

If you are looking to regain your energy, feel more positive and hopeful, my complimentary, no strings attached, 30 minute "Fed Up to FIRED UP" coaching session might be a great place for you to start your healing journey. 

In this powerful session:

✨ You will gain awareness of what is draining your energy,

✨ You will create a renewed sense of motivation,

✨ We will create an action plan to end burnout now so you can start increasing your energy, feel happier and be more successful at home & work. 

Education & Training

 → BA from Dalhousie University
→ Post-Grad in Child & Youth Care Accelerated Program
→ Certified Health & Nutrition Consultant -Graff Academy
→ Certified Raw Food Chef -Graff Academy
→ Soul Coaching Program -Kimberly Carroll
→ Hoffman Institute
→ Tony Robbins - Robbins Madanes Training
→ NLP Training
→ Entrepreneur Enlightenment Academy Level 1

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