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Mother Nature's Farmacy

Interested in learning more about Mother Nature Farmacy?

Like many others I started using essential oils because I loved the way they smelled. 

But these tiny bottles do so much more than smell pretty. 

After being diagnosed with cancer, one of my health goals was to clear out most of the toxic products in my home using essential oils.

The reason being many of the household products that I grew up with, like most of us are very toxic. Anything from our cleaners, to over the counter medicines, prescription drugs, scented candles, laundry products, etc…

Growing up for us, our home wasn’t clean until it had that chemically “fresh & clean” scent in the air. Followed with a scented candle. But a long day of cleaning with and smelling those harsh chemical products can take a toll on your body.

They can mess with our hormones, compromise our immune system, affect our central nervous system, our mental health, energy levels, increase inflammation, etc..

Just check out the latest advisories from the Environmental Working Group (EWG)
While many people want to swap out their toxic chemicals for something more natural, they’re still unsure which green alternatives to choose.

Not to fear, I got you!

Essential oils are the BIGGEST tool you can have in your holistic tool box outside of a healing diet. They are the perfect solution for swapping out most, if not all of your toxic products in your home.

Here are 3 Cool things about essential oils

1. Safe
✨ 100% natural and safe
✨ No side effects and no addictions
✨ Extracted from plants with amazing health benefits

✨ Pure & potent (50-70X more powerful than herbs)

2. Effective
✨ More effective than modern approaches to health issues
✨ Essential Oils permeate the cell membrane where modern medicine cannot.

3. Affordable
✨ More affordable than traditional medical care
✨ Pennies a dose
✨ Save hundreds of dollars a year in medical costs BUT not all oils are created equal.

You can buy them from the dollar store, to Costco to your local health food store, etc…

The problem being those have been adulterer in some way. Which means they have added fragrances, or topped up with oil that can go rancid on the shelves, etc.. This means they will be adding to our toxic load and not supporting us therapeutically.

This is why I only use doTERRA essential oils because:

1. Co-impact sourcing
✨ Sourced all over the world where the plant has the highest therapeutic qualities

2. Impact
✨ Money goes straight into the farmers pockets and not to some rich middle man

3. Testing
✨ The essential oils industry is not regulated at all. Which means people can cut toxic
corners and get away with it. I only use doTERRA as they are tested by a third party and everything is documented.


Here are 3 Ways to use doTERRA essential oils

1. Aromatic -Diffuse or inhale to:
✨ Positively affect mood
✨ Cleanse the air
✨ Support respiratory system

2. Topically -Apply to affected area for:
✨ Localized benefits

✨ Dilute with fractionated coconut oil for best results

3. Internally-Enjoy a few drops
✨ In water
✨ In veggie caps
✨ Under your tongue

Here are my favourite ways to use the top 10 oils:

✨ Mother Nature’s Tylenol
✨ Cooling
✨ Energizing
✨ Opens airways
✨ Tummy support

✨ Calms the mind and body
✨ Skin irritations
✨ Add to pillow or bath water
✨ Relieves stress-calms the central nervous system
✨ Great on dryer balls instead of toxic dryer sheets

✨ Detoxifies the body and environment

✨ Supports the respiratory system
✨ Aids in digestion
✨ Lifts your mood
✨ Great for cleaning

Tree Tea
✨ Cleansing and rejuvenating
✨ Boosts your immune system
✨ Mother Nature’s polysporin
✨ Bug bites (add lavender too)

✨ Mother Nature’s antibiotics
✨ Boosts the immune system
✨ Digestive and respiratory support
✨ Powerful cleanser and purifying agent

Frankincense (my fav!)
✨ “When in doubt use Frank” this is my go-to essential oil
✨ Supports on a cellular level
✨ Great for our skin
✨ Grounding & relaxing
✨ Supports the immune system

✨ Mother Nature’s Antibacterial

✨ Supports the immune system
✨ Antioxidant
✨ Supports respiratory health
✨ Purifies & cleans the air
✨ Tooth ache

Easy Air
✨ Mother Nature’s puffer
✨ Mother Nature’s Vick’s Vapour Rub
✨ Great for a restful night’s sleep
✨ Great during allergies

Deep Blue
✨ Mother Nature’s A535 or Voltaren
✨ Powerful all-Natural Anti-Inflammatory
✨ Use before or after exercising
✨ Diffuse or massage wherever emotional or physical pain is experienced

✨ Mother Nature’s pepto bismol, gravol, antacid, etc..
✨ Bloated, constipation, diarrhea, Nausea, Ate too much, hungover

As you can see, these tiny bottles are so versatile. I have them in my kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, in my purse as my first aid kit, medicine cabinet etc…

I think everyone and their mamas should have these amazing bottles in their home.

If you’re interested in learning more about essential oils and how they can support your health goals, feel free to book a FREE 30-minute Health SHEro Coaching Call with me at https://calendly.com/health_shero/coachingcall

Or if you would like to purchase a kit with the top 10 Essential oils please click the link below at:


These tiny bottles will do wonders in supporting you on your healing journey!

Big hug,
Charlotte xo

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