Empowered Mama 

Master the 5 Holistic Secrets to Transform your Health & Life so you can Stay Healthy & Calm When it Matters Most.

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What You'll Learn

  1. By the end of the course you will be able to make powerful changes to your diet & lifestyle
  2. You will know the hidden elements to eliminate that's wreaking havoc in your body
  3. You will know the 5 BIGGEST Holistic Secrets that will Transform your Health & Life
  4. You will have clarity on what to do daily to manage your health & stress
  5. You will also get access to worksheets & tools to master everything you learn

This Course Includes:

  • 5 on-demand videos
  • 5 Worksheets
  • Downloadable Resources
  • Access on Mobile & Computer
  • Plant-Based Recipes
  • Juicing Recipes
  • Green Smoothie Recipes
  • End Burnout Now Daily Guide
  • List of Healthy Snacks
  • Mindful Activities for your Kids


  • Guide to Top 10 Essential Oils
  • Coping Strategies to Managing Daily Stress
  • Coping Strategies to Managing a Crisis
  • Guided Meditations for You
  • Guided Meditation for Children
  • Private Facebook Group with other Empowered Mamas
  • Live Q&As Where I Will Be Answering Your Health-Related Questions

Your Instructor: Charlotte Caunter

Hey Health SHEro!

I am a Health Coach who specializing in Burnout, a mum of two kiddies, Certified Health & Nutrition Consultant, Certified Raw Food Chef, Cancer Thriver, Published Author and the Founder of HEALTH SHERO.

Over 10 years ago I used to be go-go-go then I would burnout personally & professionally. I continued to ignore all the signs my body was giving me, up until I was eventually diagnosed with cancer at the age of 32.

After cancer I dove head first into the holistic health world and started making loads of changes into my diet & lifestyle until I became my own Health SHEro.

I now help women who are burning out to recognize those signs, to feeling energized, happier & more successful at home and in their career.

My goal is to empower you & help you take control of your health so you can come into your power as your own HEALTH SHERO.

I'm honoured and excited to be apart of your healing journey!

BIG hug,

Charlotte Caunter


Course Curriculum

Module 1: Holistic Healing

Module 2: Self-Care

Module 3: Healing Diet

Module 4: Healing Environment

Module 5: Spiritual Awareness

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