As a Health & Nutrition Consultant & a Professional Cancer Coach I am always looking for natural solutions & healthy alternatives to enhance my families' health & wellness.

When I find something that I love & that works, I want to share it with everyone!

I am excited to share these with you. 


Interested in improving your health but you're not too sure where to start?

These tiny veggie capsules from Juice Plus are loaded with whole food based nutrition from a huge variety of fruits & vegetables. 

They are vegan, gluten free & low glycemic! 

They are super clean, safe, backed by research and tested by a third party with a NSF certification.

The fruits & vegetables have been picked when ripen, cold pressed juice, then dehydrated at low temperatures which removes all the liquid & sugars.


We are then have left with this highly concentrated powder loaded with nutrients. 

I personally love these supplements!

My family and I both take the Red, Green, Purple & Orange Omegas Capsules + the plant based protein shakes (which have an additional 17 fruits & veggies in them as well) 


***The best thing about ordering Juice Plus, for every adult that orders the capsules, a child will get their supplements for FREE for up to 4 years!! 

So amazing!! 

If you are interested in ordering or learning more about the Juice Plus Whole Foods Supplements, please click the link below, or you can set up a free "Zero to HEALTH SHERO" Coaching Session

Essential Oils

Interested in learning more about Mother Nature's "Farmacy"?

Like many others I started using essential oils because I loved the way they smelled. 

But these tiny bottles do so much more than smell pretty. 

After being diagnosed with cancer, one of my health goals was to clear out most of the toxic products in my home using essential oils.

I now use essential oils DAILY to help meet my family's health goals.

Interested in a Essential Oil Health Consultation? Feel free to book a 30 minute complimentary

"Zero To HEALTH SHERO" coaching session.

If you would like to purchase the world's purest, most tested, most trusted & most ethically sourced essential oil, be sure to click the link below, so you can shop your favourite essential oils products at 25% off.

The 3 Most Popular Essential Oil Kits are:

  • The Family Essential Kit

  • The Home Essential Kit (My Personal Fav!)

  • The Natural Solutions Kit ​


Happy Shopping!!

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