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 Reclaim your health and your power using a holistic approach, so you can save yourself and protect your children.

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…waking up feeling rested, excited for the day ahead. You are happy, healthy, at peace, and full of gratitude. You feel empowered as you know you have the holistic tools to support your and your family’s mental, physical, environmental, emotional and spiritual health and you are naturally teaching  your kids to do the same.


That’s what happened to me.


Waking up exhausted? Not feeling well lately? Not getting the results you want from the medical system? Getting frustrated because you're not sure what your body is saying or what it needs? Been there. Feeling overwhelmed  and easily getting triggered by your kids and then feeling guilty for it afterwards? Been there too. I know what it takes to get out of this hole. 


READY?    5...4...3...2..


I help women, like you, feel good again by using a step by step holistic approach to your health so you can reclaim your power to save yourself and protect your children. 


Have you been wanting to feel better, not just for you, but for your kids? To have more energy to do the things that light you up in life? You want to start feeling healthier, but you don’t even know where to start?


I’ve been there. And let me tell you… Once I realized this ONE thing, everything changed. You

want to know what it is? Okay, here it goes…


Our number one job in life is to FEEL GOOD. 


For far too long, we have been giving away our power to systems that have not had our best interest in mind.  And our systems have been failing us. They have not taught how to FEEL good and the the importance of doing so. We have been taught to feel powerless, to own a victim mentally as we seek out power outside of ourselves. BUT the truth is the medical system isn’t enough & no one is coming to save you.


You have amazing wisdom within you and it’s crucial to learn how to tap into your intuition. It's more important than ever to awaken your own Health SHEro so you can reclaim your health & power to save yourself and protect your kids.

This is why you have to make your needs a priority; mentally, physically, environmentally, emotionally, and spiritually so you can start to feel good again from the inside out. It’s that simple.

That’s how I have been able to raise my 2 children as a cancer thriver and while running a successful business.


When you FEEL GOOD Mama, you are healthier, happier, have more clarity and feel peace in your heart no matter what is going on around you. 

When you do this type of work Mama, you are breaking systemic & generational negative patterns so your children will not have to go through what you went through. Now, that is so powerful & inspiring! 


Benefits of becoming your own Health SHEro?


When it comes to our health, no one is coming to save you or your children. Our medical system is failing us when it comes to chronic issues mentally or physically. It's more important than ever to awaken your inner Health SHEro so you can save yourself and protect your children.


Discover a happier & healthier you while using our step by step holistic approach. It's time to feel empowered again as you learn the holistic tools to protect you and your family; Mentally, Physically, Environmentally, Emotionally & Spiritually.

The time is NOW to discover the step by step #HealthSHEro holistic approach that has help so many women like you to feel safe & empowered to take back control of your health so you can protect not only yourself but your family's as well as you awaken your inner Health SHEro. 

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Meet Your Holistic Health Coach

Charlotte Caunter

Hey! I’m Charlotte and I founded Health SHEro to help women like you feel healthier & happier so you can inspire your kids to do the same.
I used to consistently burnout while working in the Mental Health Industry. The stress was taking it's toll on my body, however I continued to plough through because "I was tough & I could handle it." My body began to shut down, by sending me many unwanted symptoms,  however I had no clue what my body needed or wanted & I was not getting any concrete answers from my medical doctors. I was really getting frustrated!
I was eventually diagnosed with cancer at the age of 32 and I was shocked! I was young, healthy & fit, how could this have happened?!?
My doctors told me that I just need to follow their protocol (surgery, chemo & radiation) & I have a good chance of survival. Against my intuition I did all three, while diving deep into the holistic health world.
Two years later, my best friend was diagnosed with cancer and passed away at the age of 34. That was the saddest I had ever been. It was at that time I decided to leave my career & make MASSIVE changes to my diet & life.
I used a holistic approach to my healing and saw amazing results. Including stoping and reversing lymphedema and being able to have 2 children naturally after going through chemo. 
Like many others my stress levels increased drastically during Covid. I chose to homeschool my children while my business was expanding. In 2021 my Dad was diagnosed with cancer. He did the BIG 3 (surgery, chemo and radiation) and was all cleared. After receiving his 2nd covid vaccination he was diagnosed with heart cancer and passed away in June 2022. 2 weeks later I found a lump in the same breast and was later confirmed to be cancer AGAIN.
The doctor recommended that I do a mastectomy as chemo and radiation were not an option as it would cause heart failure. 
This time I am choosing to listen to my intuition. I am healing myself using a holistic approach. The same step by step approach I teach my clients.
I am taking MASSIVE ACTION as I focus on my mental, physical, environmental, emotional and spiritual health.  
I believe the deeper you dive into your pain the deeper you dive into your purpose.
My purpose is to empower as many women as I can to awaken their inner Health SHEro and feel  happier and healthier so they can inspire their kids to do the same. 
I’m the creator of The Rise Of The Health SHEro, a online program that helps women who are ready to rise up and reclaim their health by using a holistic approach so they can protect not only themselves but their family as well. 
Our programs are incredibly unique as we use a step by step Holistic Approach.  This is has helped so many women achieve their goals so much faster.


Are you ready to get started Mama?

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 More About Me

Worked as a Mental Health Professional in a variety of settings; Hospitals, Youth Shelters, School Board.


Studied Health & Nutrition; became a Certified Health & Nutrition Consultant, Certified Raw Food Chef, Certified Metabolic Balance Coach & Certified Holistic Cancer Practitioner


I love Personal Development. I have studied NLP, Tony Robbins-Madanes Training, Soul Coaching, Hoffman Institute, Landmark Forum, Entrepreneur Enlightenment Academy Level 1 & 2, Bank Code, Bob Proctor-Thinking Into Results, Reiki I, and more to come. I will be a student for life! 


Growing up I had many spiritual experiences that I didn't understand at the time. I was born with a variety of spiritual gifts as many of us are, that some would label "psychic, empathic, a medium, intuitive."  As I watch my children have their own experiences, I know now more than ever how important it is for us to align with our intuition and reconnect with our spiritual gifts so we can follow our intuition & empower our children to do the same.  


When it comes to your health & happiness no one is going to save you. It's on you to make yourself a priority, to finally put yourself & your needs first so you have the energy to breathe life into your dreams & to inspire your children to do the same. 


I'm here to remind you how powerful you are & to give you  the concrete step by step holistic tools you can use to feel safe & empowered so you can become your own Health SHEro.

Want to know the best part of becoming your own #HealthSHEro? You will naturally inspire your kids to be healthier, happier just by showing up for yourself consistently. 



the Rise of the Health SHEro



There is no greater purpose than to awaken the healer within. The Health SHEro's journey is that of a phoenix that rises from the ashes, heals the past to fully renew and shine even brighter, fly even higher and inspire all who see it, that they too can heal anything within them and become new again. 


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