It's time to awaken your Sacred Healer within by becoming your own Health SHEro

A new revolution has begun, People from all over the world are RISING UP & reclaiming their health, power and freedom by learning how to use their intuition to heal holistically for themselves and their family without feeling overwhelmed. 




A cancer diagnosis can be very overwhelming & frightening for anyone but what if we could reclaim our power?


Chronic dis-ease is at an all time high; including cancer, heart dis-ease, obesity, autoimmune, diabetes, Alzheimer etc

Which are caused by our diet & lifestyle and yet we are told that "it's not our fault", "It's your genetics" "there's nothing you can do", "it has nothing to do with diet." All of these statements leave us feeling powerless, scared and hopeless.

We are not educated on how to heal naturally or prevent dis-ease or even how to stay healthy by our school system, the media or by the medical system.

In our current "health care" system all "healing" paths lead to toxic medications that can do more harm than good.  They do not cure us but can maybe help us but can cause us other unwanted symptoms or worse.

100 years ago 1/10 people were diagnosed with cancer

Today 1/2 people will be diagnosed in their lifetime.

How many people do you know that are experiencing a journey with cancer right now? How many people do you know that has passed from cancer?

7 million people die annually from cancer. If the "health" care system holds all the answers then why are more people being diagnosed  every year?

Despite all of this there is good news! If cancer is caused by diet & lifestyle that means we CAN do something about it! And when you change, it all changes.

There is a lot to unlearn and relearn and a lot to do. BUT it doesn't have to be overwhelming.

Mama you have the power to make some amazing changes to your life NOW.

To create a new normal NOW.

To create new healthy habits for you and your family NOW.

To rewrite what your future holds NOW. 

That is exciting!!

The truth is nobody is coming to save you, not a doctor, not a nutritionist, not a naturopath and certainly not the "health care" system. 

The current "health care' system is crumbling, it's time to create a NEW FORM OF HEALING. It's time to choose a more humane way to heal.

Cancer is not just a physical issue-it affects you mentally, physically, emotionally, environmentally and spiritually. So why would we only focus on healing physically?

If you don't start taking charge of your healing  someone else will and you might not like that journey or outcome for you or for your family. 

If trauma can be passed down through generations so can healing!

Optimal health is your natural state, it's your Divine right.

Healing looks different on everyone, this is why a one stop shop where everyone is receiving the same type of treatment (surgery, chemo & radiation) doesn't work in our medical system. We are all unique and our healing protocols should reflect that.

Cancer is a wake up call to make major changes to your life.  Fate is transformed into destiny according to how we respond to our circumstances. 

It's time to learn how you can listen to your intuition & create your own holistic healing protocol that helps you mentally, physically, emotionally, environmentally and spiritually. 

You are here for a reason. You are here to reclaim your health,  power and freedom by becoming your own Sacred Healer for you and your loved ones. 

If you are ready to RISE UP & turn your pain into purpose join the movement along with other like minded beautiful souls with the belief that healing is possible for ourselves and for our future generations.

Join the Rise of Sacred Healers

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There is no journey like shared one! 


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Kickstart your holistic healing or prevention journey with step-by-step guide on how you can intuitively create your own healing protocols to cancer

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I'm Charlotte

In 2011 I was working in the Mental Health Industry and I was consistently burning out. I ignored my intuition and all of the signs my body was sending me until I was eventually I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 32. I was in shock, I was so scared and I felt so overwhelmed with all of the major decisions I had to make within a short period of time. 

Although I had just finished my first holistic health course, I didn't know enough about healing cancer at the time. 

The only people I had known that had passed away in my life, all passed from cancer. So I quickly found myself making decisions out of fear and not my intuition. 


Would you like to work with me 1:1? 

Private Holistic Coaching

This is for a person who's ready to go ALL IN with their healing and would like personalized holistic coaching with me by your side. My private coaching is for a 6 month commitment. 

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You are here for a reason.
Are you ready to reclaim your health, power & freedom for you and your loved ones?


We will guide you through a holistic step by step personalized approach on how you can intuitively create your own healing protocols to cancer.

If you are ready to RISE UP & turn your pain into purpose join the movement along with other like minded women with the belief that healing & prevention is possible for ourselves and for our future generations.

Join the Rise of Sacred Healers! 

There is no journey like shared one! 



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