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Modern Day Spiritual Mama Raising Conscious Kids 


I'm excited that life's synchronicity has conspired for us to meet, which I believe is no coincidence. For every Spiritual Mama who wants to raise Conscious Kids this is the guide you have been waiting for! Here are 10 fun ways to empower the special children in your life along their journey of spiritual awakening, personal growth and healing 




…waking up feeling rested, excited for the day ahead. You are happy, at peace, loving your life and full of gratitude. You feel a sense of fulfillment, as you know you are teaching & naturally inspiring your kids to be healthy & happy just by watching your daily habits.


That’s what happened to me.


Waking up exhausted? Been there. Feeling overwhelmed and getting angry at your kids and then feeling guilty for it afterwards? Been there too. I know what it takes to get out of this hole. I help moms feel good again so they can naturally inspire their kids to be healthier and happier.




Have you been wanting to feel better, not just for you, but for your kids? You want to start feeling like a “better mom or like your old self again”, but you don’t even know where to start?

I’ve been there. And let me tell you… Once I realized this ONE thing, everything changed. You
want to know what it is? Okay, here it goes…


You're #1 job in life Mama, is to FEEL GOOD. Our energy is our Universal currency


This is why you have to make your needs a priority, your health, your happiness; to spiritual realign, so you can start to feel good again, manage your daily stress and
avoid burnout. It’s that simple.

That’s how I have been able to raise my 2 children as a cancer survivor and while running a successful business.

When you do the work Mama, you are breaking generational negative patterns so your children will not have to go through what you went through and their children and so on. Now, that is so powerful & inspiring! 


Understand how stress and anxiety really affects every area of your life and your child's (including your emotional, mental physical and spiritual health, relationships, career, finances, etc) 


Learn why using a holistic approach to your health & happiness is key in managing your daily stress and anxiety so you can avoid burnout and teach your children to do the same



Discover the step by step holistic system that as helped so many people like you feel happier, healthier and more at peace so they could empower their children to do the same



Meet Your Holistic Health Coach 

Charlotte Caunter


Hey! I’m Charlotte Caunter and I founded Health SHEro to help moms like you, avoid burnout so you can feel energized, happier, healthier, embrace your spiritual gifts by ultimately becoming your own Health SHEro so, you can naturally inspire your kids to do the same.

I’m the creator of #FedUpToFiredUp, a online course that helps moms who are fed up, learn to manage their stress so they can get fired up about their life and raise healthy kids.
Growing up I had many spiritual experiences, I then went on  and started my career as a Mental Health Professional working with children, adolescents and families back in 2005. After being diagnosed with cancer in 2011 & losing my best friend to cancer in 2013, I decided to leave my career and dove into the Health & Nutrition world. I now use a Holistic Approach in my coaching practice which has helped my clients achieve their goals much faster.

More About Me

Worked as a Mental Health Professional in a variety of settings; Hospitals, Youth Shelters, School Board.

Studied Health & Nutrition; became a Certified Health & Nutrition Consultant, Certified Raw Food Chef, Certified Metabolic Balance Coach.

I love Personal Development. I have studied NLP, Tony Robbins-Madanes Training, Soul Coaching, Hoffman Institute, Landmark Forum, Entrepreneur Enlightenment Academy Level 1 & 2, Bank Code, Bob Proctor-Thinking Into Results, Reiki I, etc...

 Growing up I had many spiritual experiences that I didn't understand at the time. I was born with a variety of spiritual gifts as many of us are, that some would label "psychic, empathic, a medium, intuitive."  As I watch my children have their own experiences, I know now more than ever how important it is for us to align with our intuition and reconnect with our spiritual gifts so we can empower our children to do the same.  


When it comes to your health & happiness no one is going to save you. It's on you to make yourself a priority, to finally put yourself & your needs first so you have the energy to breathe life into your dreams & to inspire your children to do the same. 


I'm here to remind you how powerful you are & to give you the tools & steps you need to manage your stress & avoid burnout for good by being your own Health SHEro.

Want to know the best part of becoming your own #HealthSHEro? You naturally inspire your kids to be healthier, happier and to embrace their natural gifts.


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Modern Day Spiritual Mama Raising Conscious Kids Guide

For every mom or caregiver who wants to inspire their children to be happier & healthier – this is the guide you’ve been looking for! As caring adults, we all want our children to live long, healthy lives. Here are 10 fun ways to encourage the special children in your life to make healthy choices…choices that hopefully will last a lifetime!

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