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The Benefits of Being HAPPY!

Can those positive feelings really give your body a boost and help support your healing journey?

You betcha!!

The problem is many of us, have to retrain ourselves on how to be happy. We assume that this is something we should feel every day.

BUT the truth is, we have to work at being happy. The good news is, the more we feel it, the easier it is to feel, and these feelings can accumulate in the body.


This is true for all of us, even our kids, which is why I created the Raising Healthy Kids e-book! 

So, what happen to the body when we feel happy?

👉 Pupils get wider
👉 Facial muscles relax

👉 Heart rate decreases
👉 Breathing slows and deepens
👉 Feel-good chemicals such as endorphins and
serotonin are released
👉 Digestion improves

Pretty cool, eh?

95% of doctor visits are stress related!?! That’s pretty crazy!

A summary of more than 150 studies published in Health Psychology Review looked at the impact of being happy or feeling good with regards to your short- and long-term health goals.

Here’s what they found about feeling good:

✨ It can boost your immune system
✨ Your heart will work better
✨ You’ll sleep better
✨ Your hormones become more balanced.
✨ You’ll have less pain or unwanted symptoms
✨ You’ll live longer

Sounds great to me!

Our number one job in life is to feel good!

So, we need to make this a priority in our life. It needs to have the same amount of importance as brushing our teeth.

This is a crucial skill that needs to be worked on every single day.

So, what can we do to feel better or happier?

Here is a list of goodies, feel free to pick a few that you can implement daily.

✅ Exercise
✅ Journal
✅ Pull a spiritual card
✅ Meditate
✅ Go for a walk
✅ Take a bath
✅ Watch a comedy
✅ Talk to a friend
✅ Listen to music
✅ Dance
✅ Eat healthy
✅ Drink a smoothie
✅ Sleep 7-8 hours a night
✅ Spend time in nature

✅ Write down your dreams
✅ Read, listen, or watch uplifting, positive material
✅ Start or work on a fun hobby
✅ Talk to your coach

Remember happiness can start now, not when you retire, or when the kids go to bed, or when we move, or when you lose 10 pounds, etc.

You are worth being happy now!

This requires you to create the time to work on it, by putting it into your schedule as a top priority, and you need to make a priority every day.

When you are happier it will have a positive effect in all areas of your life. Your relationships, finances, career, your productivity will increase, your health, etc.…

If you feel like you could benefit from some extra support book your FREE 30-minute Health SHEro coaching call with myself at

This could be a great place to start at creating more happiness in your life.


You are so worth it!

Big hug,

Charlotte xo

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