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Mother Nature's Farmacy

Jul 23, 2020

Interested in learning more about Mother Nature Farmacy?

Like many others I started using essential oils because I loved the way they smelled. 

But these tiny bottles do so much more than smell pretty. 

After being diagnosed with cancer, one of my health goals was to clear out most of the toxic products in my home using essential oils.

The reason being many of the household products that I grew up with, like most of us are very toxic. Anything from our cleaners, to over the counter medicines, prescription drugs, scented candles, laundry products, etc…

Growing up for us, our home wasn’t clean until it had that chemically “fresh & clean” scent in the air. Followed with a scented candle. But a long day of cleaning with and smelling those harsh chemical products can take a toll on your body.

They can mess with our hormones, compromise our immune system, affect our central nervous system, our mental health, energy levels, increase...

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The Benefits of Being HAPPY!

Jul 21, 2020

Can those positive feelings really give your body a boost and help support your healing journey?

You betcha!!

The problem is many of us, have to retrain ourselves on how to be happy. We assume that this is something we should feel every day.

BUT the truth is, we have to work at being happy. The good news is, the more we feel it, the easier it is to feel, and these feelings can accumulate in the body.


This is true for all of us, even our kids, which is why I created the Raising Healthy Kids e-book! 

So, what happen to the body when we feel happy?

Pupils get wider
Facial muscles relax

Heart rate decreases
Breathing slows and deepens
Feel-good chemicals such as endorphins and
serotonin are released
Digestion improves

Pretty cool, eh?

95% of doctor visits are stress related!?! That’s pretty crazy!

A summary of more than 150 studies published in Health Psychology Review looked at the impact of being happy or feeling good with regards to your short- and long-term...

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Why I Drink This Every Morning

Jul 21, 2020


I drink this healthy bad boy every morning on an empty stomach. It's warm lemon water!! There are many beneficial reasons, but I'm going to give you my top 5 reasons why you should add this to your daily routine, if you haven't already. 
Every morning when I come downstairs into the kitchen. I cut open a lemon and squeeze half a lemon into my favourite mug. I then add warm water not scolding water to the cup. In order to maintain the health benefits of the lemon juice. I also love to add grated ginger as well, especially in the winter or if my tummy feels imbalanced.

This takes less than a minute to do, and your mind, body and spirit will LOVE you for it! 
Top 5 Reasons to Add Warm Lemon Water to
your Daily Routine:

1. It Aids in Digestion.  Warm lemon water helps kick start your digestive system. It is also loaded with vitamins and minerals which help loosen toxins in our bodies.
2. Boosts Our Immune...

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